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Interview feedback questions

When practicing mock interviews, it’s important to ask specific questions after the interview to get the feedback that you need to improve. Here are some sample feedback questions to ask.   This set of questions assumes that before the mock interview, you briefed your friend on the details of the job you are applying. Open ended…  ...  read more

13 Funniest Resume Bloopers

Time to take a break from your job search efforts and check out the 150 funniest resume mistakes.  If you thought you are having a hard time with finding a job, imagine these people.  This read will cheer you up.  Here are my 13 favorites. Hobbies: “enjoy cooking Chinese and Italians” “I’m intrested to here…  ...  read more

Avoid Job Search Mistakes with Recruiters

We all know that recruiters and headhunters are often necessary middlemen in the job searching efforts. What we may not always appreciate is just how much influence they may have on our current and future job search success.   This is especially true for $100K+ jobs. Did you know that many headhunters have black lists kept…  ...  read more

Job search advice from Tony Robbins

I don’t know if you caught this interview or not on Larry King Live on Dec 3, 2009.  Tony Robbins along with Magic Johnson and others sits down with Larry King to provide some very sound job search advice for this tough market Here is a summary of Tony’s key points that hopefully can help…  ...  read more