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How Hiring Managers Think

I went to a café for lunch today.  I don’t usually eavesdrop on other’s conversation, but in this café, it’s so cozy it’s impossible to ignore other’s conversations.   Well I happen to overhear a very interesting and loud conversation between 3 people who work at an environmental software company.   They are trying to decide whether…  ...  read more

Resume Writing Service – Pros and Cons

If you typed in “resume writing service” on Google today, you would get over 1.8million results.  Wow, what a big market!  Should you use a resume writing service for your resume?  Is this right for you?  Here are some pros and cons to consider. Pros: Correct English: It’s always good to get another person to…  ...  read more

Being laid off is an opportunity

There are 3 things that are I believe is absolutely true about being laid off It will happen to you and me at least once in our life time, but more likely multiple times. It sucks every time it happens no matter how prepared or unprepared we are.  There is no escaping feeling at least…

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