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Can’t Find a Job After College – 6 Ideas

Knowing how to find a job after college in today’s economy requires you to do much more than just send out resumes.  As even experienced people are accepting lower pay jobs to survive,  the college graduates are facing a even larger challenge with limited experience or ways to differentiate themselves. Recently, I received an email…  ...  read more

Examples – Interpersonal Skills are More Important than Hard Skills

Have you ever wondered why having the best answer to a business problem sometimes makes no impact at all? In school, we were always incentivized to give the best answer – the best answer leads to good grades, which lead to job offers. So, naturally I brought that mentality to work. I would work tirelessly to get…  ...  read more

Making a Good First Impression – 5 Tips

My husband and I are addicted to this Smart TV show on USA – Suits.  It’s about two lawyers – Harvey, a hot-shot,  young Senior Partner, at a prestigious law firm; and Michael, a “good will hunting” type, smart-mouthed Associate that Harvey just hired.  Michael has a photographic memory, but no official law degree or experience.  …  ...  read more

Overwhelmed at Work? Six Practical Solutions

Feeling overwhelmed at work sucks – you feel stressed, tired; your mind is racing with 1000 thoughts but limited clarity; and you can’t sleep well at night as your mind is constantly worrying about how to get it all done and what happens if you don’t.   Sound familiar? I know the feeling well.  Being…  ...  read more