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What is Interpersonal Communication – Definition and 3 Myths

Effective interpersonal communication at work is essential to your career success. Yet it’s often not clearly understood nor easy to improve. After researching on Google regarding how others discuss interpersonal communication, I will offer my own perspective – a detailed definition of what is interpersonal communication and 3 most common myths about interpersonal communication. What is Interpersonal…  ...  read more

Job Application Email – 4 Tips to Stand out

Sending a job application email can be tricky.  Recruiters and hiring managers receive hundreds of emails a day.  How can you stand out in your email?   Here are four tips you can use to attract the right attention to your job application email. Meaningful Subject Line – If the subject line reads “Position Title +…  ...  read more

Career Success – How to Succeed like an Executive

There are five types of job skills essential to career success. Hard skills – These are trade skills (like programming, accounting, finance, chemistry) that you need to perform your job. People skills – There are 20 soft skills (including communication skills, interpersonal skills) you should develop on how to best work and interact with others so you…  ...  read more