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How to Convert Salary to Hourly Rate

In today’s tough job market, many companies are reducing their full time employment job openings which are paid by annual salary in order to save headcount cost and be able to adapt more quickly to changing market conditions.    Instead companies are hiring more contractors who are paid by hourly rate and has a defined contract period…  ...  read more

Life is Short – Remember the Big Picture

Whatever stress you may be facing in your job or job search, remember the big picture – life is short, appreciate and enjoy it while you can.   Why am I saying this all of a sudden?  Well, it’s also a reminder for myself as lately I have been bombarded with sad news that reminds…  ...  read more

Interpersonal Communication Skills – 5 Tips

I went to the dentist (Dr Sood) today and it was a great experience.  You may ask “what does this has to do with interpersonal communication skills or my career?”  Well, you will see after I tell this story.  As you may remember, I wrote about interpersonal skills examples last July after my last visit…  ...  read more

Giving Notice at Work – 5 Tips

At first glance, you may say “what’s the big deal?  Isn’t giving notice at work as simple as telling your boss you quit?” Well, while it does accomplish the task, I recommend a lot more finesse when you give notice at work.  It is in your interest to quit your job gracefully and not burn…  ...  read more