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Lei’s Experience Wish List for 2013

Success cannot be achieved if you only stay in your comfort zone.  That’s because success requiring striving, learning, testing, and falling possibly along the way, all of which are not comfortable. So  it’s important to be comfortable with being uncomfortable to achieve success and joy in life!  For this reason, I am ditching the traditional…  ...  read more

How to Explain Gaps in Resume – 3 Tips

How to explain gaps in my resume?  This is a common question asked by many job seekers today.   When the economy went south in 2009, many well-qualified people found themselves out of work.  Some were able to land another position within a few months, while others struggled to find work for a much longer period — or never really made it back…  ...  read more

Back-stabbed At Work – What Would You Do?

As much as we would like to think that the business world is far, it’s not. The reality is that we can all get back-stabbed at work. The important thing is how we deal with it if and when it happens. This is a true story that happened to a colleague of mine. What would…

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Ditch Your Traditional New Year’s Resolutions

Typically, right after Jan 1, we start saying resolutions for the New Year, Lose 20 pounds Get promoted by June Find a better, more satisfying jobs Get a 25% raise Buy a house If these sound like the resolutions you are making this year, I challenge you to throw them out!  Why?  We can be…

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