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Why Strange Interview Questions Matter – 5 Reasons

Every year Glassdoor, who provides an inside look at jobs and companies,  select the top 25 strangest interview questions companies ask during job interview.  I will share the list for 2013 below, but my main focus for this post is to talk to you about  why strange interview questions matter and why you must take…  ...  read more

How to Use Linkedin Effectively – 5 Tips for Your Career

Being able to use Linkedin effectively for networking and building your brand is a critical skill to further your career in today’s market.    Of the most widely recognized social media platforms, LinkedIn is arguably the most utilitarian. Most of the people who use Linkedin have a primarily business purpose behind their presence within the platform, and…  ...  read more

7 Basic Interview Tips Everyone Should Follow

Whether you are a veteran at job interviews or new to it all, the basic interview tips are key to staying in the competitive job search race.   These seven basic interview tips are fairly simple to follow.  So there is no reason for you not to do each.  You will be amazed at how they…

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