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Career Change – 4 Tips on How to Prepare

Question: I am looking for a career change in job role from clinical data manager to being a Clinical Project manager. Although a strong skill for clinical project managers is to have worked as clinical data manager in the past and that lead data managers actually perform as a project manager also, I am worried that I’ll be offered…  ...  read more

How to Deal with a Bad Boss – 5 Practical Tips

Bosses are not created equal, therefore it is essential to your success to know how to deal with a bad boss, when you encounter one.   One of the main reasons why you would want to leave a lucrative job reluctantly is having a bad boss.   Though the movie ‘Horrible Bosses’ may be fictional,…  ...  read more

Consulting Firms Provide the Best Career Opportunities

Do consulting firms provide the best career opportunities?  Well, according to Glassdoor, it seems so.  Every year Glassdoor publishes a list of 25 companies that are rated best for career opportunities.  Glassdoor is a US-based job and career site where employees anonymously provide feedback on the pros and cons of  their companies and bosses.     These 25…  ...  read more