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Do You Need an MBA to Succeed?

I will give you a consultant answer – it depends.  But I won’t stop there.  I think too many people get an MBA or a Master’s degree for the wrong reasons and after they finish school, they are disappointed with the fact it didn’t yield the results they hoped. Don’t make this costly mistake.  Do these four research…  ...  read more

How Gloria Successfully Recovered from Not Getting Promoted

Not getting the promotion we were expecting can be devastating to our self-image.   I am here to tell you that you are not alone.  In fact, not getting promoted can happen to the best of us.  What is important is how you handle this unexpected news and what you do next to keep advancing in…  ...  read more

Soft Skills: Why Effective Upward Communication is Key to Advancement

We are giving public access to this recording on upward communication to showcase the type of content available in the Soft Skills Gym.  For more recordings like this one, sign up today. Welcome to the first candid conversation with one of our Executive Authors, Louis Johnston.  Candid conversations are frank interviews I have with business executives regarding…  ...  read more

Speaking Up in Meetings – Instructions & Examples

Workout Objective:  Speak up when you are not required to,  while feeling uncomfortable – improve your confidence and work reputation….

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