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3 Unexpected Lessons from My 15K Race

Two weeks ago, I ran in a 15K race in San Francisco.  It was the Hot Chocolate Run.   I didn’t run fast nor break any records.  On the contrary, I didn’t train for it, had only two hours of sleep the night before, and almost didn’t make it to the race.   This was not like me.  This article…  ...  read more

How to be Happy in Life – Wisdom from Keanu Reeves

I always liked Keanu Reeves’ movies (Matrix especially) but never knew much about him.   Last week, my husband forwarded this article to me on Facebook – Keanu Reeves shares 5 Pieces of Wisdom on how to be happy in life.  My first thought was “Really?  Keanu Reeves?  How deep can it be?” I stand corrected.  I…  ...  read more

How to Develop Leadership Skills – 6 Habits

Leaders like Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and Microsoft entrepreneur Bill Gates might cringe if everyone knew one of their greatest secrets, and the core principle that elevates all leaders: Leadership is a learned practice. Today’s top leaders didn’t rise to their positions by happy accident. These leaders learned and successfully applied the leadership lifestyle. And,…  ...  read more

New Year Resolution Ideas – Create Habits Not Goals

Have you declared your New Year’s  Resolutions yet?  Well, I have, but not in terms of goals.  I have a new set of new year resolution ideas this year.   They are geared toward helping me achieving a more lasting change than what goals can achieve. But first, let’s talk about what make a good…  ...  read more