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I welcome passionate writers to write guest posts on this site.  Together we can help business professionals find, excel, and enjoy their careers one article at a time :-).  Please read the instructions and our guest post policy below.  Thanks

How to Submit a Guest Post?

  1. Please send an email to with the following:
    • Subject line:  Guest Post:  Title of your article
    • Full name, email address, and website address
    • Topic must be related to soft skills (For ideas, go to my article – 28 Soft Skills to Working Smart)
    • Article must be relevant and high quality.
    • Attach your full length article including a short guest author bio (two sentences and one link max)
  2. We will NOT preapprove topics so please send articles directly.  Guest posts are reviewed every weekend.   Once you submit your post by email,  it is considered property of
  3. Best guest posts are
    • Written based on extensive research or personal experience.  Reference at least one or two reputable sources.
    • Are not already covered by my current blog posts on the site
    • Any promotional type article submission will be ignored.
  4. If approved, guest post will be published with your name as the Guest Author.
  5. Please review the guest post policy below carefully before submitting a guest post by email.

Guest Post Policy

  • We are passionate in providing only relevant, high quality career advice content on this site.  Therefore,  guest post submissions are not guaranteed to be published.
  • While this site reaches readers over 100+ countries, all posts should be written in English.
  • Once your posts are submitted, they are property of
  • We reserve the right to edit or alter posts in order to fit the voice, quality and audience of and optimize the posts so they can be best found organically on Google Search.
  • Guest posts are NOT to be used to stuff irrelevant and/or spammy links that may have commercial benefits for the guest poster.  I currently do not accept any promotional posts.
  • We do not guarantee publish dates nor will we respond to emails asking for edits or when posts will be published.

If you’d like to write for us, please send an email to and follow the instructions above!