Are these bad career advice?

After writing my previous post, Good vs. Bad career advice, I found the following 12 career advice on the web that are either very controversial or considered bad.  I wanted to share them with you and get your opinion.  Do you think these are bad career advice?

  1. As a woman, you will have to work harder than guys to get the same recognition at work.
  2. Don’t job hop — it shows that you can’t decide on a career and are not dedicated.
  3. Do what you love and money will follow.
  4. You can wait to have kids. There’s no rush.
  5. Report sexual harassment, even if it’s just a minor infraction.
  6. Read business books to become a good leader.
  7. Don’t burn bridges
  8. stick with what you know especially in this economy, as this is the worst time to change careers
  9. If someone is stealing your ideas, let them
  10. Take some “vocational interest type tests” to figure out your  next career move
  11. Keep quiet if there are problems
  12. You need to walk into the CEO’s office and say ‘We need to talk about my salary today.’

I look forward to your comments.

– Lei

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