Career Advice for Recent College Grads

If you just graduated from college, finding a job and starting work will be a major life transition.  Here is a good resource that aggregated the top 100 career advice for recent grads by category

  • Job hunting
  • Interviews and resumes
  • Preparing for the working world
  • Finding your passion
  • Career advice
  • Inspiration and Motivation
  • What not to do
  • Where to work
  • Miscellaneous

There is a ton of material.  You will most likely read contradicting advice within this article.   Think of this as reference material like what you get when you do research for a report in school.  You may find all kinds of information on a topic but it’s up to you to formulate your own opinion about the topic for your report.  Your career decisions need to work the same way.

My advice is use all this as reference but trust your gut on what to do next and how to do it.  See my article on are you making career decisions based on other’s opinions for more guidance.   Welcome to the working world and good luck out there.

– Lei

2 thoughts on “Career Advice for Recent College Grads

  1. Louise May

    I agree with Nic above, definately you should set your heart on the job you would ideally like. But you also need to factor in promotion prospects and salary. In these hard times, salary comes into account alot by jobseekers. In the fashion industry which I work in, there can be alot of promotion and difference in fashion job salary. Several fashion jobs might be advertised and all are very similiar but pay very different while utilising the same key skills.

  2. Nic

    Graduation can be a rough old time, not to mention downright frightening. One thing I would say is to look for graduate jobs based on what you can see yourself doing or what you want to do, not what it familiar. There’s no shame in drifting from the path you set out for yourself. If your heart’s not in something, you’re in for a pretty miserable time.

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