Enjoy the Present

While winter holiday is almost over and I can just see everyone starting to worry about what will happen this year with either their job search or career, I say STOP.  There are still a few more days left before Monday January 4 (when work begins again).

For now, put any worries you may have aside and just allow yourself to still enjoy the moments of this holiday season with friends and loved ones.  As I celebrate new years tonight, I realize how fast time seems to fly by as we get older.  Year 2000 seemed like just awhile ago.  Since then, many career changes have happened for me and they will continue to change, I am sure.  What have been the most precious for me, however, are the life changes that have happened this past decade and those precious moments I have shared outside of work with friends and loved ones.

So I say, enjoy the moment.  Practice no worrying about the past or the future for the next 3 days and perhaps longer.  I leave you with a quote from one of my favorite movies “Kung Fu Panda” – Yesterday is history; tomorrow is a mystery; Today is a gift.  That is why it’s called the present.

Give yourself the gift of today and Happy new year!  Best wishes in 2010!

– Lei

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