Four Key Elements of Life

I came across a cool definition of life accidentally while doing some research on the MarketingSherpa for my business. It defines the four key element of life.  Before I read what it was, I thought perhaps it’s family, work, friends, and community. Many of us think of our life in these buckets. I was pleasantly surprised to find a much better, and thought provoking definition.

In this article it states that four key elements of life are: living, loving, learning, and leaving a legacy.   I like how this is stated as it makes me think of the bigger picture of life than just our current job, career, and circumstances.  It made me ask myself the following questions.

  • Living:  Am I happy with my current living environment?  How else could I distribute my time now?  What do I wish to do that I am not doing?  If I die tomorrow, would I have any regrets?
  • Loving: Do I invest enough time with my family and friends? Any relationships I need to mend?  How much should I invest in finding work I love vs. just work to support my life?  How much do I love myself vs criticize myself?
  • Learning: Am I learning in my career? Am I learning in life?  What are the most important things I want to learn from this life?  How am I sharing my learnings with others?
  • Leaving a legacy: out of all of them, this one hit me the hardest, as I know I am living, loving, and learning, but when I ask myself, what is my legacy? I wasn’t sure.  I have a 3 years old, so I know the time I invest in teaching her about life is part of my legacy.  Beyond that, I don’t really know yet what I want to leave as a legacy in my community, in my career, and in my life.

What is your definition of life?  Do you know what legacy you want leave in this world?

Good luck out there.

– Lei

2 thoughts on “Four Key Elements of Life

  1. molly corville

    I would love to leave a legacy in creating an orphanage housing in Ha
    iti. I think its more important to make a difference in what matters to others! Life takes on a whole meaning at that point.

    With all my heart,
    Molly Corville

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