Play to your strength

It’s the season to be thankful.  As we wrap up 2010, it is important to look back and take stock of all that happened this year.  There may have been both ups and downs but what is really important is what I have learned from them.

  • I learned that it takes patience to achieve anything.  The closer I am to finishing something, the more patient I need to be.
  • I learned that self-doubt is natural and human.  We all experience them at times.  The key is not to eliminate them as that’s impossible.  The key is to ignore them and keep going
  • I learned that I feel anxious whenever I don’t have enough to do.  Learning how to relax and do nothing is a skill
  • I learned that it’s important to do something totally creative to completely de-stress the analytical mind.  For me, I go salsa dancing every week to unwind
  • I learned to take action on the things I can change and communicate and then let go of the things I cannot change
  • I learned to achieve our dreams, I first must be super clear on what it looks like in every detailed aspect.
  • Most of all, I learned to embrace the ups and downs in life.  They are inevitable and unpredictable.  If I want my life only to go upwards, then I would be in constant fear of unexpected changes.  But if I expected a roller coaster in life, then I can  enjoy every part of the ride.

If this has been a rough year for you, don’t beat yourself up any further.   That perspective will not give you re-newed energy in the new year.   We are all human and therefore imperfect.  We are meant to have challenges in life so that we can grow stronger.

So as we are near year end, be thankful for what you have in your life – your health, good friends, family support, plus the career skills you are good at.    2011 is still a blank slate – so start imagining all that you can do – based on your strengths.  It will be a fabulous year.  Are you ready for another roller coaster ride?

Happy New Year !

– Lei

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