Toughest Job in the World

What do you think is the toughest job in the world?  I am sure there are many including the one in this picture.  All joking aside, for me, I can think of the toughest job that is often overlooked.  Here are some clues as to what this job is.  Can you guess?

  1. You don’t discover how tough this job is until you are on the job.
  2. Your boss is pretty demanding but does not communicate well.  You have to often guess what he/she wants you to do and whether he or she is happy with your work.
  3. Your boss requires you to be on call almost 24/7 in the first few months on the job.
  4. Many people are qualified to do this job but to be really good at it requires a lot of dedication and personal sacrifice.
  5. You are usually thrown into the job without much formal training. No matter how many books you read about it, you will be still scrambling from time to time, especially during the first year.
  6. While you most likely work in a team with at least one other person on this job, nobody else can help you do some parts of this job.
  7. This job usually requires a long term commitment.
  8. While job security is high, you can be fired from this job if you are really bad at it.
  9. You can make a profound difference in someone else’s life in this job.
  10. This job is often under paid and under appreciated by many.  Some people may even look down upon you if you have been at this job full time for awhile.
  11. If you let it, this job can also be one of the most rewarding job you will have .

Your comment: Is it obvious what this job is?  Share your guess and comments below.

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