Business School Advice

A friend visited me today and said he is applying to business school. I told him I would be glad to give him some advice if he needs it. This made me realize that I actually have a lot to say on the topic of business school.

  • Should I go to business school?
  • When is a good time to go?
  • Where should you apply to?
  • Checklist / Timeline for completing business school applications
  • GMAT 101
  • How to build your brand and present your story in applications?
  • Recommendations – who to ask and how to make sure you get good ones
  • and Finally, how to decide if you have multiple acceptances

I graduated from Wharton in 2001 and got plenty of invaluable help from friends and mentors in my application process. I have also written recommendations for colleagues and reviewed numerous essays for others since graduation. It’s a pleasure to help others who is considering this important step in their career. So look out for more posts on this topic

– Lei

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