One Step at a Time

I am also not immune to have doubts once in awhile, despite my own advice. It’s human I guess. As I look at my blog posts, I think is the tone too preachy? would it help anyone? does it sound practical? Initial doubts can then easily lead to de-motivation if I indulge on them – what if people think xyz? what if this is a waste of time? what if ….?

I can keep going with that train of thoughts, but you get the point and where that may lead – possibly never writing another post or never sending the blog out to anyone …

Then I think why am I putting so much pressure on myself and expecting perfection. Us, overachievers, are so hard on ourselves and we don’t realize that half of the victory is just showing up and taking one step at a time. We are so quick and busy judging on our shortcomings and thinking about all of the unreal ramifications that we forget to celebrate our progress.

For me, progress is writing another post and keep going with my dreams and my desire to help others with their career aspirations. For you job seekers, perhaps is keep applying for jobs or asking friends for help and congratulating yourself for taking that next steps regardless of what the result might be.

That’s what separate fighters from the rest. I know you are a fighter, so hang in there and fight as every step you take towards your goal, no matter how small is progress.

Good luck out there!

– Lei

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