Imagine What You can Do with Your Career

Last week, Linkedin published a powerful 2 min video where nine people each talked about their work.

While I know it’s a brand ad for Linkedin (a very good one), what really stood out to me was how these nine people talked about what their job or volunteer work stand for and how they see themselves contributing to the world.  Each one of them says it with such definitiveness and confidence.  Here are four examples.

  • “I want to be the voice of the under-served creative youth of the world” – Sr. Global Designer Director, Brand Jordan
  • “I want to empower people to get outside and get their hands in the dirt” – Associate Garden Editor, Sunset Magazine
  • “I want to make sure every one has a beautiful place to live.” – Volunteer Board of Directors, Berkeley Food & Housing Project
  • “I am going to save the ocean.  I know I can’t do it alone but to be a part of it is something very gratifying. ” Marine Biologist

I played the video 3 times as it made me think about what I stand for and what I want to contribute to this world.   Here is my working draft:

“I want to empower people to work smart and achieve more in career and in life.” – Lei Han, Career Mentor,

This video reminds me that the Definition of success is less about the titles and money we earn and more about how we can positively affect others.  As part of achieving your dreams and finding happiness in life, you also have a tremendous opportunity to give to this world.  Wherever you are in your career, I ask you to step back and just envision the future for a second.  Don’t worry about how you achieve it.  Instead ask yourself, if you can do anything in the world, what would you do and how can it contribute to others?

I look forward to seeing your answers and comments below.  I am always in your corner


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