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Four Key Elements of Life

I came across a cool definition of life accidentally while doing some research on the MarketingSherpa for my business. It defines the four key element of life.  Before I read what it was, I thought perhaps it’s family, work, friends, and community. Many of us think of our life in these buckets. I was pleasantly…  ...  read more

Believe in Yourself – You are “Beautiful”

This post is not about external appearances.  This post is inspired by a recent show I saw onVH1 called Storytellers: Christina Aguilera.  It’s in a format where a music artist sings to a small group, and talks to the group about herself, her music, and her inspirations.  Christina’s story about her song “Beautiful” really caught my…  ...  read more

Decide to Have a Good Day

The last few weeks have been stressful.  I have been juggling five projects/initiatives at the same time on a 32 hours a week schedule. Unexpected project issues are coming up left and right; requirements are misunderstood; customer experience risks are newly uncovered, etc… The end result is I have been taking my stress home after…  ...  read more

Choose Life Over Work Now

What is your reaction when you see this post title?  Is your response “of course, I have a very good work life balance”?  Or is your response “I wish I could, but I have to work a lot to make money, get ahead, take care of family.  I have to wait to enjoy life later. …

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Definition of Success

I was taught the definition of success in business school.  We just finished 4 weeks of pre-term (refresher courses on math, accounting etc..) before my official 1st year at Wharton began.  My accounting professor used most of the time in our last class to give us a lecture on success and what it means. He…  ...  read more