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Job Search Tips: Never rule out a second chance

Just because you got turned down by a company for a job, it does not mean it has to be the end of the story.  A friend interviewed at a company for a Paid Search Marketing position.  He went for several rounds and everyone liked him but they turned him down saying they wanted someone…

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Avoid Job Search Mistakes with Recruiters

We all know that recruiters and headhunters are often necessary middlemen in the job searching efforts. What we may not always appreciate is just how much influence they may have on our current and future job search success.   This is especially true for $100K+ jobs. Did you know that many headhunters have black lists kept…  ...  read more

Four Networking Mistakes to Avoid

A good definition of networking I have seen is “the developing of contacts or exchanging of information with others in an informal way, as to further a career.” While most people would agree with this definition, some may fail to realize that networking is a skill that takes time and dedication to develop. Without ample…  ...  read more

What to Do if Job Search is Taking Forever

In this economy, a long job search effort is unfortunately more the norm than the exception. It can be very defeating and job searchers can easily run out of ideas of what to do next. Here are three articles that may help: Can’t find a job – 8 side gigs that actually make you money…  ...  read more

Waste is Good

I was just reading an article this week on Wired called Waste is good that triggered me to think about how it relates to entrepreneurship and job search. In a nut shell, the article says that “our brains seem wired to resist waste” – wasted energy, wasted time, wasted attempts, wasted technology, etc… , but…  ...  read more