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Achieving Work Life Balance – A Letter to Myself

Achieving work life balance takes self-awareness, making tough choices, and being disciplined.  As a recovering over-achiever and perfectionist, this is hard for me.     My natural tendency with any job is to err on the side of working over-time and prioritizing my job above anything else.   The only reason I was able to maintain…  ...  read more

Explore beyond the typical careers

It doesn't matter if we went to the best universities or business schools, many times our career vision are tunneled to only those careers that are considered hot trends in school (e.g., consulting, investment banking, engineering, accounting, doctors, lawyers, scientist). Here are three examples of other careers I wish I knew about earlier.

Definition of Success

I was taught the definition of success in business school.  We just finished 4 weeks of pre-term (refresher courses on math, accounting etc..) before my official 1st year at Wharton began.  My accounting professor used most of the time in our last class to give us a lecture on success and what it means. He…  ...  read more

Why this blog?

I have worked in consulting for over 10 years and used to mentor dozens of people as part of work. Since I got married and had a baby, I decided to achieve more balance in life and work part time as a business strategy consultant.While I love my life today, I really miss the opportunity…

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