Cafe Exercise: Dream Your Dream Job!

Job search does not have to be all work. It can be fun too. There are plenty of things you can do for your job search while sitting at a cafe drinking a hot latte. Here is one of them.

Cafe Exercise: Dream Your Dream Job
Part 1: Go to a nice cafe and get your favorite drink. For the next 30 minutes, just write down a list of things that you would want in your next dream job. It can be 3 pages long, the more detailed the better. Don’t worry about how you will get this job. Assume you will find a Genie who will grant you whatever job you want, and just brainstorm all the characteristics of that job. Here is a sample brainstorm list

Job Content
– manage a team of 2-6 people
– have frequent interaction with other parts of the organization
– work on solving customer facing business problems
– learn quantitative analytical skills and executive communication skills
– A job that utilizes my key experience in xxx
Job Compensation / Environment
– make at least the same as my last job, but work less (on average 45 hours/wk)
– be paid a bonus if I perform exceptionally
– job that can increase in salary by at least 5% a year
– travel less (at most 10% a year)
– work within 20 min commute each way)
– have an permanent office with a door and an outside view
– I want to be able to work from home at least one day a week
– Someone who is hands-off but supportive when I need him/her
– Someone who has a successful career track record
– Someone who is ambitious and also has a good work/life balance and understand the need for a parent to stay home if my child is sick
– Someone who values people development and will invest time to teach me new knowledge
– fortune 500 companies
– targeting mainly business customers
– entrepreneurial company culture

Once done with your list, put priority (H,M,L) on each item

Part 2: Share with a friend or two. On another day, invite a friend, go to a Cafe, and share what you wrote down. Your friend can ask more questions about your dream job that you didn’t think about or keep you honest by asking “are you sure you want that? If so, why?”

The goal is to always have somewhere the description of your Dream Job. It can help you
– figure out where to focus your job search efforts
– decide whether to take that next job offer when you get it.
– keep you honest when you may be lured by other factors (like fancy title)
– make you aware that if you take this job, what you know you will not get that you want
Ultimately, you are more likely to come close to finding your dream job if you know exactly what you are looking for.

Good luck out there and have fun!

– Lei

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