Career Lessons from Gen Y

Gen Y is definitely a generation to be reckoned with.  We are told their generation will fundamental change the way the work world operates.  I believe it.

I came across this article in the New York Times in Dec 2010 called “No Jobs – Young Graduates Make Their Own” – which talks about how young graduates (Gen Y) who couldn’t find work after they graduated started their own companies on shoestring start-up capital.  Some succeeded and some failed but all learned important lessons about how to drive their own destiny and careers.

I enjoyed reading this article because it was refreshing to see how these young graduate blazed their own path with just creativity and minimal resources.   The article was also realistic in stating the realities of entrepreneurship.   This is just one of many articles that I think we will see of how Gen Y shakes up the work world.  They may be young but they can teaches us to question tradition and norms and can set examples on how to pursue careers in new ways.

– Lei

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