For Lease Still

If you are wondering if the economy is recovering or not, all you need to do is look around at how many for lease signs are still out there at any neighborhood. I was just in San Mateo and walk about 7 blocks and saw at least 5 major retail space for lease. I also noticed the same in downtown SF and even on Lombard street

Whether your job has been affected or not by the market so far, make no mistake that it’s still rough out there.  Be thankful that you have a job if you do or if you get any responses from job search efforts..  We have all been scathed by the economy somehow.  My business contract rates were cut by 40%; I know numerous, very competent friends out of work; and I have heard of many merger, layoff stories that have caused significant negative morale.

What’s my point? It’s important to have the right expectations and perspective during this difficult time.  I don’t think the US has seen a recession like this since the depression.  This is not a great time to switch careers or hold out for the perfect job unless you have no money worries at all.  For the rest of us, the focus should be on the glass already half full and appreciate that half that is full.

Hang in there everyone.  This too will pass but it will take some time.

– Lei

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