Can Facebook Help Your Job Search?

Can Facebook and other social media sites like Linkedin and Twitter help your job search?  Absolutely!  See the Infographic below on how Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are helping people’s job search efforts today.  Key statistics from the infographics include

  • 1 in 6 workers use social media to get hired
  • 9 in 10 job seekers has at least one profile on a social media site and 54% of job seekers use Facebook,  Twitter, or Linkedin to find jobs
  • over 18 million Americans say their got their current job using Facebook
  • 50% of job seekers last year says they use Facebook to do job search and 15% says they used Facebook to get a job referral
  • The more social you are the more likely to find a job on a social media site. “Super social” is defined as having more than 150 contacts on a social media site.   1 in 4 “super social” job seekers find their job using social media (Facebook being the most popular)
3 Tips from the infographics – how to do better job search using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin
  • On Facebook – post “notes”:  notes stay longer in friends’ feeds.  Use them to describe your situation and job interest
  • On Twitter- follow company and job feeds: follow companies you would like to work for as well as their employees.  Contact them directly to inquire about jobs
  • On Linkedin – add a profile picture – use the same one that you use on multiple sites.   This will help you be consistent and memorable.

Here is the infographics from

Social Job Search – Can Facebook Get You a Job?

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