The Worst Interview Faux Pas

A friend sent me this article – The Worst Interview Faux Pas. It’s unbelievable what some people would do in interviews. In this article, various hiring managers dishes on the eight types of interview¬†faux pas they have encountered.

Most stories should make you laugh or shocked, but if any makes you think “Wait, what’s wrong with that?” Perhaps you just answered your own questions.

Happy learning and good luck out there!

– Lei

One thought on “The Worst Interview Faux Pas

  1. Ajantha

    Very amusing. I'll add a couple more to the list –
    1. Presentation. One's appearance at the interview is critical since it sets the tone for the impression the interviewer will develop of the interviewee. I have had someone show up with impeccable credentials, but also with a crumpled shirt. Needless to say, he did not go forth with the next round of in-person interviews.

    2. Questions to ask the interviewer. I'm sure we all prepare for the "do you have any questions for us" dialogue at the end o an interview. One thong from which I would stay away is "how flexible are you guys in allowing people to move across departments?". Whether an innocent question or not, It can be interpreted as the interviewee usin the position as a hook for some other opportunity within the company. No manager likes to have one with wandering eyes (for professional reasons) on his/her team.

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