Job Search is like “Dating”

It’s a numbers game. Just like dating where it may take quite a few “bad” dates before you have a good one, job search is like professional “dating.” It can take awhile to find a company that is a good fit for you and vice versa.

So don’t worry about it if a company does not reply to your application or if an interview does not go well. It’s all part of the journey of effective job search. What’s important is going out there and “date” as much as you can – apply to and interview with as many jobs that fits your job search criteria.

Taking this approach will help you
– feel good about yourself that you are doing the best you can to find a great job.
– practice, practice, and practice your job search skills (how to write an resume, how to interview well and tell relevant stories. I will blog about this later). This will make you better at that next opportunity
– not take it personally and let negative responses overly effect your ego or your perspective on your market worth. It’s just another “date.” It can make a good story even if it didn’t work out because you have several other “dates” already lined up besides this one.
– understand more about what you may really want in a job and what you don’t want since you will find out more about the job and the company through interviews
– find a job quicker

Good luck out there! Have fun “dating”

– Lei

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