Contract Rate – How To Negotiate

Many job seekers are considering doing contract work as an alternative to full time employment.  It sometimes give us more flexibility and an ability to continue working that full time employment may not allow.  When you do transition from full time employment to contract work, you will be paid by the hour instead of a salary.  Therefore it’s important to know how to convert salary to an hourly rate in order to know what should ask for in a contract situation.

This podcast is an one-on-one coaching session to discuss two topics

  1. How to negotiate your contract hourly rate (if you are currently a full time employee transitioning to contract work).  This is not simply dividing your salary by 2000 hours.
  2. How to negotiate your vacation time when you are contracting – given contracting usually doesn’t pay for vacation time.  In this person’s case, she doesn’t want to get paid for vacation but she does have vacation planned soon after she would start this contract. She just want coaching on how to make sure she can still take her vacation.

Podcast: How to Negotiate Contract Rate and Vacation Time

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