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5 Job Search Strategies to Help You Stand Out to Employers

Human resources departments are inundated with resumes. Moreover, resume screening software can easily reject your resume based on the omission of a key word. Even when your background is perfectly suited for the position, hiring managers may not always understand your unique ability to add value that facilitates the company’s mission. So, how do you…  ...  read more

Let the Job Search Game Begin

My current contract is ending soon.  I have about 3 months to find another contract or full time work.  This post is all about gearing up my mindset for job search.  I write it because  many people overlook the fact that the mindset we have toward job search can have a large impact on our…  ...  read more

How to Recognize Good Management During Job Search

Good management is hard to find and recognize. Here is a 10 minutes one-on-one coaching discussion I had with a job seeker on how to best recognize whether a company has good management while she is interviewing with the company. She has 10+ years of experience and so far has had mixed experiences with good…  ...  read more

Job Search is Your Job

“The trouble with unemployment is that the minute you wake up in the morning you’re on the job”. — Slappy White Job search is the job you have when you are between jobs. Like any other jobs, It needs to be a full time effort (30-40 hours a week consistently) if you want to achieve…  ...  read more

Job Search Checklist – Detailed Descriptions

Here is a starting check list of what may be involved in a Job search “job.” If you can suggest more, let me know. This is the detailed version. For the condensed version, click here. Set career goals and job search strategy Understand what you would like and love to do and also what things…  ...  read more