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Soft Skills Workout – Who is More Confident – Cindy or Jack?

Workout Objective:  A lesson in self-confidence. Prerequisite: None. Recommended Frequency: Just once. Workout steps:  Read the scenario below and vote. Who do you think is more confident in this scenario?  Let’s assume that Cindy and Jack are equally qualified and capable . Well educated – Cindy graduated from Berkeley with a 3.4 GPA and majored…  ...  read more

The Pain and Pleasure Challenge – Proven Way to Help You Take Action

Are you stuck?   Do you want something badly at work (e.g., promotion, work life balance, better boss, challenging assignment) but somehow can’t seem to take any action toward making it happen?  You are not alone.  Inertia, the inability to do something different from our routine, happens to all of us.  How do you do…  ...  read more

New Interpersonal Communication Style Quiz

Only 20% of professionals get 100% correct on this quiz.  Are you in the top 20%? Find out in just 2 minutes by taking the quiz below. Your interpersonal communication style can directly affect your work reputation and your overall work effectiveness.  Your communication style pertains to How you speak to someone one-on-one or in a group setting. How you…  ...  read more

Say Yes – When You Usually Say No

I know it’s well into the New Year, but I am still pondering what to do differently this year to take my life to the next level.  Here is one idea I am implementing – Say Yes, when I usually say no. I am realizing, if I want to grow in life and at work….

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How to Create a Soft Skills Development Plan

Workout Objective:  Create a concrete plan to develop your soft skills and know exactly how developing these soft skills will help your career Prerequisite: none Recommended Frequency: once every six month to a year It can be pretty daunting to think you have to develop 28 soft skills to accelerate your career success.  There is a…  ...  read more

Speaking Up in Meetings – Instructions & Examples

Workout Objective:  Speak up when you are not required to,  while feeling uncomfortable – improve your confidence and work reputation….

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