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How to Tell a Story in a Presentation – 4 Simple Steps

Storytelling is vital to a professional presentation. Once you learn how to tell a story in a presentation, you can build your reputation significantly.   Storytelling can help you connect personally with your audience and make your presentation more memorable.   Many people hesitate to tell personal stories.  Common self-doubt include “What does this have to do…  ...  read more

4 Simple Presentation Tips You can Use Immediately

With my new job, I have had many opportunities to learn useful and simple presentation tips.  In the last 3 months, I attended two conferences and three Town Hall presentations led by senior leaders.   Each one was memorable in its own way.   In this article, I summarized four simple presentation tips I learned from watching how these leaders…  ...  read more

3 Presenting Tips to Keep Your Audience’s Attention

Every presenters have one common goal – keep the audience’s attention.  That’s why it’s important to use effective presenting tips to engage your audience.  The last thing you want from your audience during a presentation is a yawn. Or nodding off. Or fiddling with their mobile phones. You don’t want a scene that puts your…  ...  read more

How to Give Great Presentations – 4 Tips During Presentation

Now that you have a good storyline and invested significant time preparing a great presentation, it’s time where the rubber meets the road.  A lot can still happen during a presentation that can distract the audience.  Here are 4 tips to use during your presentation to make sure all your hard work pays off and…  ...  read more

How to Develop Effective Presentations – Step by Step Instructions

The following is a step by step instruction on how to develop an effective, practical presentation.  This process keeps in mind your audience and builds informal buy-in prior to the presentation. Effective presentations are the bread and butter of consultants as we are paid handsomely by major corporations sometimes just for recommendations delivered in a…  ...  read more