The Power of Words – Speak Wisely at Work and at Home

My husband sent me this video last week and I was blown away by its message.  It Is < 5 minutes, but carries a powerful reminder for us all – the power of our words and why we should speak wisely.  Here is the video and what it meant for me.   I look forward to hearing your reactions.

It’s ironic.  We often focus so much on wanting to be heard that we forget we are already heard by many today.  Below is what this video meant for me.

Reminder 1: Speak wisely to my kids – be patient and be there.   I have two girls – 6 and 9 years olds.  I am blessed that they still think mommy is awesome.  I love my kids but I know I can be more patient with them.  This video reminds me that a hard day at work is no excuse to yell at my kids even if they are fighting yet again.  They are so impressionable at this age.  It is my responsibility to nurture their growth with care as well as set a good example.

What was shared in the video about Nassar is so sad. Many of us may not be that heartless, like his father, but lesser actions can still have a big impact on our kids.  There are two things I always tell my kids

  • When they accomplish something great, “I ask them how they feel?” instead of just tell them I am proud of them.  This help them build self confidence. A good friend shared this tip with me a few years ago.
  • I also tell them “you can tell me anything no matter what happens.” It’s easy now as the worse trouble they can get into is still so innocent.  I have to remember to honor that promise and their choices when they are tennagers and young adults.   What I can best hope for is that they talk to me when they are confused and especially in trouble.   I must be there for them first and foremost without judgement.

Reminder 2: Speak wisely to my team – don’t be overly critical.   As a team leader, I need to remember what I say to my team members can make and shake their self confidence.  I am fortunate to have a high performing team.  Each member is passionate and driven.  I know they look to me as a role model.  I care a lot about helping them develop but when I am stressed, I can get critical with them at times.   It’s never productive.   None of us are perfect.  It’s important as a manager to see the best in my people and use the right approach to keep them motivated.

Reminder 3: Speak wisely as my word is my reputation.   I have always believed this and this video is a great reminder that what we say matters to our reputation.  For example, when I say I will deliver something, I will make sure I follow through.  It’s actually amazing how simple this concept is and yet many don’t follow this.     I know I gauge my team’s abilities and my partners based on whether they are true to their word.  If we want to be heard by others, it’s important to make our word count.

Reminder 4: Dare to speak up – I am powerful.   It’s important to speak up.

  • This can be about my career.  If I am not getting the right opportunities or a clear path, I need to speak up to my leadership.  And I can always speak up and talk to other companies who would value me more.
  • This can be about my work.  If I uncover something that isn’t working properly.  Even if it’s not my role, I can speak up and share my concerns and better yet propose a better solution to help the overall business.
  • This can be about my family life.  If I am not connecting well with my husband, I can speak up and communicate from the heart.
  • This can be about helping others. This is why I write this blog.

“Words are power. Words have power.” Life can be even more amazing when I speak up and speak wisely. I have that power and so do you!  🙂

Your comments: I would love to hear how this video inspired you.  What will you do differently at work or at home?

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