Want to Get a Mini-MBA in 8 Hours – Read this Book

best leadership bookHappy New Year!  Welcome to 2018…  I hope you had a chance to spend time with family and friends.  During the holidays, I have been obsessed with this book.  I have been listening to it while running, driving, and before I go to bed.   It’s the only business book I have ever finished to the last page in the last 10 years.

Whether you already has an MBA or want one, read this book.    I am not paid to endorse it.  I am simply inspired by what it shares.   “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek is filled with real life case studies and talks about

  • Leadership – how to inspire everyone to take action
  • Marketing – how to use the law of diffusion to build a $B company
  • Strategy – how certain companies like Apple, Southwest, Harley Davidson have been able to consistently innovate and beat their competition
  • Operations – How Continental was able to recover from bankruptcy with a new CEO and whole new way to operate
  • Career path – How we can navigate our own career based on understanding why – what really drives our passion and get us up in the morning

For me, this book comes at an opportune time.  I am at a crossroads in my career.  I probably have one of the best jobs in my company right now.  Yet I feel like something is missing.    This book is helping me explore what that is.  I have learned in the past two weeks more clearly what drives me in my career.  My why regardless of industry is about making a positive impact in other’s lives – customers, teams, and blog readers alike.  This entails

  • Dreaming the impossible and making it a reality – breaking rules and innovating beyond status quo.  My greatest joy at work in launching my product – aka “work babies” into the world and seeing them grow in impact.
  • Inspiring others to reach their real potential – Surround myself with diverse, smart people and help them see what they can achieve beyond their current skills and roles
  • Learning – from my leaders, peers, partners and team.  Sometimes I can learn more from my own team than from my leaders.

For those who are considering pursuing an MBA, I would say no to 95% of you.    You don’t need an MBA to succeed.  Unless you can get into a top 10 MBA school, the rest is really a waste of your time and energy.  You will be better served reading this book and understand your own why – what gets you up for work every morning and how do you want to contribute to this world.

Here is also Simon’s 18 min ted talk – basically a good intro to this book and what inspired me to get the full version.   Enjoy!

I wish you joy, adventure, laughter, and learning in 2018.   Best wishes!

Your comment: What do you think of the video?  If you got the book, what did you learn from this book? I look forward to your comment

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