Which 4 Adjectives Describe You?

workoutWorkout Objective:  Build self-awareness and have fun.
Prerequisite: None
Recommended Frequency: Once

Don’t think about it, just take 10 seconds to see which four words jump out at you from this image.

It’s just a game, but it’s interesting to find out which four words you see.  Perhaps they reflect less about who you are to others, but how you see yourself currently.  Did you see all positive words, or were some of them negative?

First four words I saw were:  Dependent, Genuine, Elegant, and Happy.  I am surprised it said dependent as the first word.

Your comments:  What 4 words did you see? What do they mean to you?  Share your comments below.

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7 thoughts on “Which 4 Adjectives Describe You?

  1. Eva

    .. I find myself very genuine- i mean what I do/say, elegant is quite new for me- have never considered myself so, i am always at peace and yes, people find me quite reserved even though I dont consider myself so.

    The first and last gets me into trouble most of the time.. saying what I shouldnt say, or not being interested in what others say/do, but overall most people find me to be a source of their strenght in difficult times.

    My challenge is that i am quite ambitious but too shy to take a leading role and what comes with it…

  2. Patricia Peterman

    Independent, peace, passionate, eloquent

    Peace and passionate surprised me. Excellent exercise!

    Thank you.

    P @}–>—-


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