Insider Tips to Getting Promoted – Group Coaching Call

Group-Coaching-CallWe had an amazing first Group Coaching Call this past Tuesday.  The topic was Insider Tips to Getting Promoted.   I prepared the following materials and had a very interactive discussion with everyone for an hour.

  • 3 Most Common Mistakes people make that jeopardizes their promotion – based on an article I drafted but haven’t published yet.  This also included practical tips on what you can do to avoid them.
  • 3 Must Dos to increase your chance for promotion – based on the article How to Get Promoted – 6 Tips

I was honored to be joined by readers from all over the world.  We had a nice, intimate group of 5 attendees – 1 from the Philippines, 1 from Germany, and 3 people from 3 different states in the U.S.  Surprisingly, everyone had at least 15 years of experience.   It was my pleasure to meet everyone virtually as well as learn from their comments. We also discussed some great questions they raised

  • Does gender play a role in promotions?
  • If I am naturally an introvert and don’t want to change, can I still get promoted?
  • How to differentiate myself when I am trying to get promoted?
  • Are these tips relevant to individual contributors, team leaders, and senior executive (i.e. professionals going for equity level promotions)?

You can listen and watch the recording of this Group Coaching call below.   All Group Coaching Calls are recorded so they can be sent to all attendees and shared with Soft Skills Gym members.   This first one is a great example.

Given this first call’s success, I plan to offer more Group Coaching calls.    Each coaching call will be an hour long, facilitated online and by phone and offers the following:

  • Focuses on one topic, related to soft skills and career success.  This way we can have an in-depth discussion that goes beyond the tips I share in articles
  • Shares insider tips – I will always prepare a few slides with tips to guide the discussion.  All tips I learned in the business trenches from mentors and not taught in any school.
  • Very interactive – You can ask questions any time or submit them into chat
  • Attend from comfort of your own home or work.  All calls are online, via phone/chat.

Your comments:  Do you have any additional questions about how to get promoted?   add your question below and I will get back to you.

Interested in the next Group Coaching Call?  click here for more information

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Best wishes to your success.  You can work smart and live more!


7 thoughts on “Insider Tips to Getting Promoted – Group Coaching Call”

  1. This call was excellent. I liked being in a group with similar concerns seeking answers. Listening to someone or others who have a wider/deeper perspective and get that question on my mind answered. I also liked the ability to type a question or verbalize it. Each attendee was given the time to be heard. The call was timely and focused. I would not change anything.

  2. Thanks for doing this Lei. It was great! I know I benefited a lot…others must have too. While the topic was meant for ‘Job Promotion’, what I learnt/got/sensed out of the discussion was that more than working towards a job promotion,we need to work towards self-promotion. Then, job promotion will automatically follow. However, to be able to promote ourselves, we need to be very aware of our own selves – 1)strengths and weaknesses,2)what are 2 or 3 other peoples behaviors that annoy me every single time and 3)what skills do I need to play the social game. I feel that once we have a good understanding/realization of these (or other) items, we can pick and practice our skills. We can then respond rather than react to situations that happen, others behaviors that are beyond our control, and meet expectations – our own and what is required of us.

  3. I thought the coaching call was quite good. I really like that there were people of different background on the call. I would be interested in other calls like this for topics such as how to network, handle office politics, how to be a great presenter, and how to build self confidence. Thanks again!

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