How to Speak Effectively in Interviews When English is My Second Language

Two weeks ago, I wrote about  how to improve my communication skills when English is my second language. It was prompted by this question below from a member. I am a software engineer at a major American tech company.  I came here two years ago but have been studying English since the first grade.  I want…  ...  read more

How to Prepare for a Graduate School Interview – 4 Tips

Learning tips early on how to prepare for a graduate school interview will give you an advantage.  Applying to graduate school is a stressful and busy process. From choosing the programs you’re interested in to polishing your resume, securing references, and writing essays, there’s just a great deal to keep track of. But in the whole…  ...  read more

Changing Careers – How to Interview Effectively

 Changing careers is not easy for some. However, once you master effective interviewing when changing careers, the path to success becomes a lot clearer. I had a chance to interview one of our Executive Authors, Helena Light, who is a master at changing careers. In eight years at one bank, she had four different careers:…  ...  read more

What are Case Interviews and How to Ace Them

Consulting companies like McKinsey and BCG invented the case interview method.  Now pretty much all consulting firms as well as many hiring managers outside of consulting use the case interview to help them identify the best candidate for a business job opening. So what is an case interview?  Simply, it’s when the interviewer gives you…  ...  read more

Job Interview Tips – 5 Things to Avoid

Job interviews are always a nerve-wracking experience. Even for the most confident person, going into a situation where you have half an hour to talk yourself up, stretch your qualifications as far as they will go, and convince a stranger that you are the right person for the job is enough to get anyone feeling…  ...  read more