How to Ask for a Raise with Confidence – 4 Tips to Increase Your Chances

This is a guest post by Charlie Fletcher with edits by Lei Han A couple years ago, I knew I needed to ask for a raise. Like many of my millennial peers, I had enough to get by, but I couldn’t do much more beyond that. Having enough down payment to buy a house, maintaining…

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How to Improve Negotiation Skills – Watch the Body Language

This is a guest post with edits by Lei Han Often, business communications take place remotely by phone or teleconference. However, negotiation experts recommend to always have important negotiations in person so you can take advantage of seeing all the non-verbal cues of the other party. People often subconsciously give away their thoughts and intended…  ...  read more

Negotiating Job Offer – What 70% of People Fail to Do

In part 1 of our talk with Executive Author, Jane Lin, we discussed the Best Secret to Finding Your Dream Job.  Assuming you have a job offer, now what?  Should you negotiate? We will have on average seven jobs in our life time.  Knowing how to negotiate job offers and initial salary at each new job can means…  ...  read more

Should I Negotiate Salary: How I Almost Made a $6,000 Mistake

“Should I negotiate my salary?” This is a question we will ask ourselves every time we get a job offer, especially for a job we want.    I recently had to go through this decision-making process, and I want to share my thoughts and what I learned with you.     I think many of us…  ...  read more

How to Re-Negotiate Benefits After Signing an Employment Contract

Question:  My current employer had enrolled me for a medical plan that is due to expire in 2 days. I start at my new employment end of this month. According to contract with new employer(the bank) that I have already signed, I will be on probation for first 3 months. Also according to that contract…  ...  read more

How to Convert Salary to Hourly Rate

In today’s tough job market, many companies are reducing their full time employment job openings which are paid by annual salary in order to save headcount cost and be able to adapt more quickly to changing market conditions.    Instead companies are hiring more contractors who are paid by hourly rate and has a defined contract period…  ...  read more