How to Ask for a Raise with Confidence – 4 Tips to Increase Your Chances

This is a guest post by Charlie Fletcher with edits by Lei Han A couple years ago, I knew I needed to ask for a raise. Like many of my millennial peers, I had enough to get by, but I couldn’t do much more beyond that. Having enough down payment to buy a house, maintaining…

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Aim Low and Get Somewhere – Aiming to Write the Crappiest Article Ever Written :-)

This video clip motivated me to write and finish this article.   It is from a Netflix movie I just watched called “Set it up.”  While the movie is so-so, this 1 min clip is funny, practical, and inspiring.  It helped me get over the writer’s block I have had for a month.  More importantly,…  ...  read more

Podcast with Transcription – Leadership Skills – Why It is Critical to Your Success

When Isabel, my older daughter, finished 3rd grade, she was recognized by her teacher for her leadership potential.  Mr. Lee, her head teacher, advised us to nurture her leadership skills – allow her to make her own decisions, encourage her to volunteer and lead activities, let her explore new ideas.  I remember being both impressed…  ...  read more

Dare to be Happy – You Can Change Your Career at Any Age

85% of workers worldwide admit to hating their jobs when surveyed anonymously, according to a Gallup poll released in late 2017.  Yet, many of us tend to stay in our jobs and careers, thinking it’s too late to make a change.  I am here to tell you – it’s never too late!  Dare to be…


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How to Communicate Strategically and With Impact – 5 Tips You can Use Immediately

Strategic and impactful communication skills are critical to success in almost any career.    Business professionals absolutely need these skills, but so do professionals in the technical arena, like architects, engineers, developers, etc…  The better you can translate the technical details of your work into impactful, simple business and customer outcomes, the more a business audience…  ...  read more

How to Speak Effectively in Interviews When English is My Second Language

Two weeks ago, I wrote about  how to improve my communication skills when English is my second language. It was prompted by this question below from a member. I am a software engineer at a major American tech company.  I came here two years ago but have been studying English since the first grade.  I want…  ...  read more

How to Improve Communication Skills When English is My Second Language

I have been asked this question often in the last few years – How do I improve my communication skills when English is my second language.  It’s time for me to share some tips that hopefully will help you all.   The answer to this question comes in two sections:   How to improve your English language…  ...  read more