Working with an Incompetent Colleague – When and How to Escalate

I was agonizing about what to do for weeks. I have dealt with incompetent co-workers before. Most of the time, I can make up for their incompetence fairly easily or at least work around it and not be affected. Not this time. This time, this colleague is a key partner to my work. If she…

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Interpersonal Skills Example – Can You Let It Go?

This interpersonal skills example can happen any day at work or in life.  It was our second day in Beijing.  My cousin, my mom, and Isabel went to visit Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.  It was majestic, fun, but a super long walk.  By 1pm, we were all exhausted, hungry and decided to Uber back…  ...  read more

Interpersonal Skills Example: Maybe It’s a Misunderstanding?

An interpersonal skills example can turn up when it’s least expected.  It was the second week of my China trip.  My mom, cousin, daughter and I had spent the day at the Beijing Zoo.  It was a 90 degree, humid day in Beijing.  We were all exhausted and were heading back to the hotel to rest up. Just before…  ...  read more

Dealing with Difficult Coworkers – 3 Tips

We all come across difficult coworkers.   How we deal with them can fundamentally affect our career and happiness.  Below is a real life situation from an avid reader around dealing with difficult co-workers.   I am thankful she reached out so I can not only help her but also shared this situation and my advice with any of you in…  ...  read more

“Life is Always Just Beginning”

I went to a seminar last month and heard this saying “Life is Always just Beginning” from a 82 year-old lecturer, Bill McKeown.   I have been thinking about these 5 little words ever since.  It has helped me re-frame my perspective on life and my inner dialogue. Do you ever notice how much we…  ...  read more

How to Deal with Other’s Incompetence – 5 Tips

I work on multiple initiatives simultaneously at my current job.  Some of them are long term, big projects, and some of them are smaller projects under one big program.  Two of these smaller projects have given me serious headaches and stress in the past few days. Why?  Because the key people I work with on…  ...  read more

Don’t Care Too Much at Work

It may sound counter-intuitive for me to recommend that you shouldn’t care too much at work.  However, after reading this story, hopefully you can understand and appreciate why you should not care too much, if you want to accelerate your career success. On Monday, I had a morning phone meeting with one of the data team…  ...  read more