Jennifer, CEO of an education start-up

I have been tasked with setting up an educational company that assists university graduates find career-launching positions in Vancouver, British Columbia. We are focused primarily on graduates who have a Bachelor in Arts or Sciences as they struggle to transfer their university skills into the demands of the workplace. We will be offering courses on hard and soft skills and therefore I have learned a great deal from reading and being “advised” by Lei Han. Her extensive knowledge of day to day life working for companies was enhanced by her story-telling ability. I would walk away from one of her articles feeling that the lessons were so clear and so informed that they fully registered and I could apply her wisdom to my own challenges as well as teach it to others. In many ways, Lei Han is a “mentor” and this company is going to be all about mentoring young people as they make that challenging shift from being a student to being an employee. 

Michelle H. , Southern State

I love reading your career coaching articles and have already benefited from reading them and trying to apply what I understand to aspects of my ever-evolving life.  I’m currently living in southern state attempting to make a life for myself. Although I am originally from sunny Southern California and in many ways feel like a fish out of water! I read a lot to find authentic connections with like-minded individuals and people in my field. 

Your writings are helping me to cope at an interesting time of transition and to not feel so emotionally and culturally isolated in ways that matter to me. Again, I thank you. Keep up the excellent work!

Maria Ruiz, Quality Assurance Analyst, Bronx New York

I wanted to first say THANK YOU.   Because ever since subscribing to your blog,  I feel like you are my virtual mentor! Firstly, I love to write and your writing style truly, truly helps me write better.  And, these are the reasons why:

  • I love how concise and to the point your articles are
  • I love how passionate your voice sounds in your writing
  • Your advice is rich and you can feel and hear the experience shine through
  • Easy to read and comprehend

All to say, thank you. When I’m having a stressful time at work, I read your “How to be happy at work.”  article. When I need to write better emails, I glance at your “Checklist for Effective Communication” printed out and hanging on my cubicle!  I just read your “#1 secret to Career Success.” Perfect timing, I was having a moment at work and that really hit the spot.  Thank you. Thank you and thank you. 

John V. from Sydney, Australia

“Every article you write is so relevant. I know there are so many successful gurus around, from Iacocca to Jobs. But, your work is so practical for the everyday Joe who wants to succeed. (I don’t mean this in a derogatory sense). Not all end up becoming CEOs.  But, people at lower levels (the majority of people) also need motivation and guidance, and your articles provide just that.”

Ombudsman,  DES (Department of Economic Security)

“You are trully blessed and gifted! I just wanted to thank you for all you do. You provide invaluable information and insight that is real world. I have not had a chance to read all the knowledge and wisdom you provide. I will continue to digest all you provide and participate at all the levels you have established. I have to get back to work, however you will be the number one site that I learn from!  Grace and Mercy to you!”

Recent College Graduate,  U.C. Berkeley 2009

“Thank you for providing such valuable advice.  I found your site through Focus, and have since bookmarked it.  I have been job hunting for a long time now, and have read a lot of career advice of varying credibility. Woefully, Google had not led me to you earlier, despite the excellence of your website’s design, and the size, span, and quality of the information you provide .  Thank you.”

CEO – Venture Funded Start-up

“As my formal coach/performance manager at Deloitte, Lei provided formative guidance that was instrumental to accelerating my career. My career path since knowing Lei has included management consulting, various roles at Google/YouTube, independent consulting and starting my own venture-backed mobile health company. Early on, Lei equipped me with tools and perspectives to help navigate and excel at a variety of “softer” areas of professional life — performance feedback, managing upwards, self awareness, goal setting, etc. that have carried me a long way. She is very effective and passionate about what she does, with a good dose of “tough love” when needed. I still meet with Lei regularly, and highly recommend her if you’re looking to thrive in and accelerate your career at any stage. Her advice is perhaps better than getting an MBA.”

Associate Director – Marketing Agency

“Lei has a passion for career coaching. She cares about her staff and takes time to invest in the people. Over the years Lei has provided me invaluable career advice and expert opinion on career choices. She is a wonderful mentor to have.”

Director, Financial Services Company

“I have been a client of Lei and find her career coaching tremendously useful. She has the unique ability to hone in on the heart of the issue. Her varied career experiences, keen intellect, ability to synthesize information and inquisitive nature make her a pleasure to work with. She asks the hard questions and helps one realize the hard answers but not in a way that is discouraging but rather insightful, helpful and strategic. If you really want to do some serious career work then I can’t recommend Lei highly enough..This is an investment in your future.”

Self-employed Business Consultant

“For someone with as much high powered experience as Lei has, she is incredibly humble and as open to learning as she is about giving advice. In particular she’s great at providing sound advice when it comes to navigating issues and relationships that impact my career. Her blog has also influenced some of my decisions e.g. I am not going to wait another year to take that trip out of the country and I’m leading a more productive and stress free approach at work. Both reactions are the results of advice she’s given on her blog based on her own experiences or people she knows. Lei is also open to any feedback or advice I may have to offer as someone who’s been an independent consultant for nearly a decade. She’s not only a good communicator she’s a great listener. I’m thoroughly enjoying getting to know Lei and benefiting from the advice she provides.”

Owner – Production Company

“I strongly believe that Lei is a very effective career coach. I recently went to her with a sensitive HR issue and within minutes, she was able to tactfully and empathetically suggest a more constructive course of action for me to take. Speaking with Lei gave me the clarity that I had been looking before and I certainly look forward to hiring her in future.”

Account Supervisor – Marketing Agency

“I can’t say enough to do Lei Han justice-she’s simply a remarkable woman and career strategist. Two years ago, I was stuck in San Francisco, going through a major career and life transition. Lei sat down with me for over an hour and went over my career and life objectives; In addition, we talked about my skill set and my passions in life and how I could best meld the two.After our meeting, she analyzed my resume and gave it a major overhaul–I’m happy to say that two years later, I took the plunge (thanks to Lei!) and moved to New York. I now have my dream job and I couldn’t be happier!”

Strategic Director – Marketing Agency

“Lei helped me not only land a job that I wanted but also helped me approach negotiating the offer. She listened carefully and provided guidance that was right for me and my unique situation. She helped set my job search expectations and was able to provide a wealth of knowledge which allowed me to approach each potential employer with great confidence. The skills that I’ve gained through working with her are invaluable and I continue to practice them in my everyday life. Working with Lei has been inspirational, both from a professional and personal aspect.”

Product Manager – Gaming Company

“Lei has provided me with invaluable advice on how to make the most of my career, post-MBA. She has also given me excellent feedback on negotiation and interview strategies.”

Senior Analyst – Utility Company

“About two years ago when I considered changing jobs or going back to school for an advanced degree after working for a few years in industry, Lei has provided me with superb career advice. Since then, I’ve found Lei to be very encouraging, an excellent listener, and knowledgeable when it comes to making recommendations that fit my career goals.  Most recently, Lei helped me land a job within a month of being laid off, guiding me through the initial job search process to accepting the offer. I couldn’t ask for a better career coach!”