How to Ask for a Raise with Confidence – 4 Tips to Increase Your Chances

This is a guest post by Charlie Fletcher with edits by Lei Han A couple years ago, I knew I needed to ask for a raise. Like many of my millennial peers, I had enough to get by, but I couldn’t do much more beyond that. Having enough down payment to buy a house, maintaining…

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How to Communicate Strategically and With Impact – 5 Tips You can Use Immediately

Strategic and impactful communication skills are critical to success in almost any career.    Business professionals absolutely need these skills, but so do professionals in the technical arena, like architects, engineers, developers, etc…  The better you can translate the technical details of your work into impactful, simple business and customer outcomes, the more a business audience…  ...  read more

How to Speak Effectively in Interviews When English is My Second Language

Two weeks ago, I wrote about  how to improve my communication skills when English is my second language. It was prompted by this question below from a member. I am a software engineer at a major American tech company.  I came here two years ago but have been studying English since the first grade.  I want…  ...  read more

How to Improve Communication Skills When English is My Second Language

I have been asked this question often in the last few years – How do I improve my communication skills when English is my second language.  It’s time for me to share some tips that hopefully will help you all.   The answer to this question comes in two sections:   How to improve your English language…  ...  read more

How to Be Grateful – Remember Your Current Situation is Someone’s Dream

My friend shared this quote with me over lunch today.  I love its simplicity.  “Your current situation is someone’s dream!”  What a great reminder to be grateful. I don’t know about you.  I think it’s almost a national pass time to focus on looking up and comparing ourselves to someone who has a bigger house, …  ...  read more

Great Way to Start 2018 – Summary of Insider Tips for Every Career Situation

Whatever your career situation is today, I can help you “Stack the deck” in your favor.  Job search and work are never fair.   It will favor those who know how to play the game.  I am here to help you with insider tips on how to play the game to your advantage in any career…


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Train My Mind – A Critical Soft Skill and My Focus for 2018

Have you made any New Year resolutions yet?  “Eat Healthier” and “Get More Exercise” are 2018’s top 2 New Year resolutions.  It’s interesting how training our body with better nutrition or exercise always seem to garner the most focus.  This year, I have a better one to propose to you – train your mind. Let me…  ...  read more