soft skills for managers

Managers with stronger skills in multiple areas have greater chances of becoming successful. As a manager, you need both hard skills (e.g. business or project management) and soft skills (e.g. leadership skills) to be effective.  I would argue soft skills are more important than hard skills as you get more senior in your career.  If you Read More →

improve teamwork

Good teamwork calls for creating conditions that encourage everyone in the team to share their ideas, feel empowered, and perform in a collaborative and coordinated manner. As a team leader, you are responsible to develop people’s strengths, build good relationships with people, and set meaningful team goals to facilitate it. If you are a team Read More →

5 tips to run a successful meeting

Meetings are an essential part of every organization.  Yet, at least 50% of meetings today are ineffective.  This cartoon on the left may seem silly but is not far from the truth in describing bad meetings.  It is essential to your success to learn how to run a successful meeting.  Effective meeting management skills will Read More →

develop soft skills

In today’s competitive environment, it is imperative for employees to gain a competitive edge in order to achieve long-term growth and success. If you have the right technical knowledge and skills with reasonable achievements, you may have good chances of landing your dream job. However, you can further increase your chances of getting noticed by Read More →

how to network with senior executives

I consider myself to be fairly competent at networking.  Even so, I still got intimidated when I thought about how to network with senior executives at my company.   I probably experienced some of the same self-doubt you have gone through: Why would they want to build a relationship with me?  I don’t work with them day to day Read More →


Do you want to find any job or your dream job?  The focus of this post and podcast is for all those who want the latter – a dream job!  Finding any job requires many of the same things – a great resume, good interview and networking skills, and a relentless effort to keep applying.  However, there is one difference in Read More →