good communication skills

Practicing good communication skills remains a core component to success in today’s digital age of texts and tweets. It’s great to communicate in today’s lines; to Snapchat, Like, Retweet and Tumble, but when it comes to the workplace, it comes down still to human interaction. Good communication skills never go out of style. Good communication

unexpected lessons from 15K

Two weeks ago, I ran in a 15K race in San Francisco.  It was the Hot Chocolate Run.   I didn’t run fast nor break any records.  On the contrary, I didn’t train for it, had only two hours of sleep the night before, and almost didn’t make it to the race.   This was not like me.  This article

how to be happy in life Keanu Reeves

I always liked Keanu Reeves’ movies (Matrix especially) but never knew much about him.   Last week, my husband forwarded this article to me on Facebook – Keanu Reeves shares 5 Pieces of Wisdom on how to be happy in life.  My first thought was “Really?  Keanu Reeves?  How deep can it be?” I stand corrected.  I

how to develop leadership skills

Leaders like Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and Microsoft entrepreneur Bill Gates might cringe if everyone knew one of their greatest secrets, and the core principle that elevates all leaders: Leadership is a learned practice. Today’s top leaders didn’t rise to their positions by happy accident. These leaders learned and successfully applied the leadership lifestyle. And,

List of the most important communication skills

In an increasingly digital world, good communications practices both in-person and online are more important than ever before. Good communication can help you avoid potential issues, reach your goals and enhance your reputation both personally and professionally.  However, mastering this type of proactive, effective communication requires a very specific skill set.  This skill set is comprised

list of leadership skills

How does Larry Page (Google), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Tim Cook (Apple) and Mark Parker (Nike) have continued success in their industries and are still loved by their employees?  It’s not because they’re just intelligent and business-savvy, but they also have the soft skills that separate them from the pack. In other words, they’re great leaders

how to improve communication skills

Good communication skills are a key factor in every aspect of your career; from being hired, closing a sale, working well within your organization or earning a promotion. Even if you outperform in every other area. If you’re marked poor in communication you’re less likely to advance in your career. Practicing good communication skills on

how to prepare for a graduate school interview

Learning tips early on how to prepare for a graduate school interview will give you an advantage.  Applying to graduate school is a stressful and busy process. From choosing the programs you’re interested in to polishing your resume, securing references, and writing essays, there’s just a great deal to keep track of. But in the whole

paris terrorist attack puts life in perspective

It was our team’s assistant who told me about the Paris terrorist attack on Friday afternoon.   Right before, I was busy updating a presentation and worrying about something I don’t even remember now.  I quickly halted both to follow what was going on in Paris and contacted our neighbor to find out if his daughter and

teach soft skills to teenagers

Should we teach soft skills to middle school and high school students?  If so, how should we do it?  These are questions that have gained more interest in recent years.    A grad student just reached out to me on this topic with the following questions.  I am sharing my response in case you have kids or

dealing with stress

If you are feeling stressed at work, I may have good news.  Some stress is good for you!  According to research done by Elizabeth Kirby from UC Berkeley, we are actually not optimal or happy unless we have a moderate amount of stress in our life. Too little stress leads to boredom and even depression Too much