office gossip

Question:  I joined this software company before a year and was put on a live project immediately. I had to undergo training from one of the team members before i could start working. I looked at this as an opportunity to know more about project. So as i got to know about technology, the team mate started expressing his Read More →


I am honored to introduce another Executive Author – Don Victor in our candid conversations series.  Don is senior executive and currently head of a division of 300 people.  He is a master story teller.  I didn’t realized the point of his story until well into our conversation.   The leadership lesson he learned 15+ years ago is one we Read More →

contact old employer

Q: I was wondering what may be the best way to approach acknowledging to a previous employer, that you made a mistake leaving your previous job. A year ago, I left a well paying consulting position with a large technology company to pursue another job. Unfortunately, the new job has not met my expectations and I now regret my decision to Read More →

yes no maybe

I will give you a consultant answer – it depends.  But I won’t stop there.  I think too many people get an MBA or a Master’s degree for the wrong reasons and after they finish school, they are disappointed with the fact it didn’t yield the results they hoped. Don’t make this costly mistake.  Do these four research Read More →