Train My Mind – A Critical Soft Skill and My Focus for 2018

Have you made any New Year resolutions yet?  “Eat Healthier” and “Get More Exercise” are 2018’s top 2 New Year resolutions.  It’s interesting how training our body with better nutrition or exercise always seem to garner the most focus.  This year, I have a better one to propose to you – train your mind. Let me…  ...  read more

Are You on the Right Career Path? Ask Yourself These 4 Questions

I just found out a close friend has cancer.  I was shocked by the news.  Although her cancer is highly treatable, it was a complete surprise.  She will need to go through 6 months of chemo and hell to recover.  I share this with you to help you step back from the daily grind and see…


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What Makes Us Happy & Motivated at Work – Three Ways to Gauge

More than a year ago, I changed jobs and managers within the same company.  I went from having one of the worst leaders I have ever experienced in my career, to having one of the best.  On my first day with this new leader, she asked me a simple question – what make you happy…

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Should I be Working While Sick?

Should I be working while sick?  The answer ideally is no.  If I am sick, I should go home and rest.  Come back when I feel better.  The real world however is not that simple, especially when we are talking about everyday illnesses, such as a cold or a flu. Every time I feel unwell, I debate whether to…  ...  read more

3 Soft Skills Lessons from Watching “Trolls”

I didn’t think this movie, Trolls, was going to be any good.  Both of my kids love the music in it.   Finally, we watched it last weekend.  I was only half watching it for the first 20 minutes.  It seemed like just a silly, happy cartoon, with lots of bright colors and singing.  …


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