How to Speak Effectively in Interviews When English is My Second Language

Two weeks ago, I wrote about  how to improve my communication skills when English is my second language. It was prompted by this question below from a member. I am a software engineer at a major American tech company.  I came here two years ago but have been studying English since the first grade.  I want…  ...  read more

Great Way to Start 2018 – Summary of Insider Tips for Every Career Situation

Whatever your career situation is today, I can help you “Stack the deck” in your favor.  Job search and work are never fair.   It will favor those who know how to play the game.  I am here to help you with insider tips on how to play the game to your advantage in any career…


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Career Success – When Is the Best Time to Network

Many of us only remember to start networking when we hate our current job or when we are between jobs.  Unfortunately that is the worst time to start networking.  You can come across Negative –  If you are hating your job.  It’s inevitably you will complain about it while networking. No one likes to be around…  ...  read more

How to Network Effectively – A Simple Framework to Take Action

When I wrote about How to Network without Using Small Talk , I received a lot of email responses and interest.  I am not surprised to hear that most found networking uncomfortable.  I am glad to hear these networking articles are making it a little less intimidating.   I wanted to continue on this journey with you…  ...  read more

How to Prepare for a Graduate School Interview – 4 Tips

Learning tips early on how to prepare for a graduate school interview will give you an advantage.  Applying to graduate school is a stressful and busy process. From choosing the programs you’re interested in to polishing your resume, securing references, and writing essays, there’s just a great deal to keep track of. But in the whole…  ...  read more

Negotiating Job Offer – What 70% of People Fail to Do

In part 1 of our talk with Executive Author, Jane Lin, we discussed the Best Secret to Finding Your Dream Job.  Assuming you have a job offer, now what?  Should you negotiate? We will have on average seven jobs in our life time.  Knowing how to negotiate job offers and initial salary at each new job can means…  ...  read more