Train My Mind – A Critical Soft Skill and My Focus for 2018

Have you made any New Year resolutions yet?  “Eat Healthier” and “Get More Exercise” are 2018’s top 2 New Year resolutions.  It’s interesting how training our body with better nutrition or exercise always seem to garner the most focus.  This year, I have a better one to propose to you – train your mind. Let me…  ...  read more

Soft Skills Workout – Who is More Confident – Cindy or Jack?

Workout Objective:  A lesson in self-confidence. Prerequisite: None. Recommended Frequency: Just once. Workout steps:  Read the scenario below and vote. Who do you think is more confident in this scenario?  Let’s assume that Cindy and Jack are equally qualified and capable . Well educated – Cindy graduated from Berkeley with a 3.4 GPA and majored…  ...  read more

Should I be Working While Sick?

Should I be working while sick?  The answer ideally is no.  If I am sick, I should go home and rest.  Come back when I feel better.  The real world however is not that simple, especially when we are talking about everyday illnesses, such as a cold or a flu. Every time I feel unwell, I debate whether to…  ...  read more

3 Soft Skills Lessons from Watching “Trolls”

I didn’t think this movie, Trolls, was going to be any good.  Both of my kids love the music in it.   Finally, we watched it last weekend.  I was only half watching it for the first 20 minutes.  It seemed like just a silly, happy cartoon, with lots of bright colors and singing.  …


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Lei’s Six New Year Aspirations – Trust, Try, Learn, Evolve, Laugh, Give

I started this tradition last year and really liked how it influenced my decisions and actions the rest of the year.  I am doing it again this year to define my new year aspirations 1. Define ways to build new habits instead of setting goals.  I found this is helping me evolve into a better human being. 2. Post my new…  ...  read more

Happy 2017 – Say Yes

Happy New Year!  Sunday was my annual Hot Chocolate 15K race.   My friend Agnes got me into it 3 years ago.  It’s a great way to start off the year – a long run (9.4 miles) followed by a nice cup of hot chocolate and an amazing natural high all day. Well, I didn’t…

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