How to Hire the Right Talent for Your Team – 4 Tips

Hiring good talent is hard. It’s more of an art than a science. You usually have to do it on top of a full time job. Just asking behavioral questions do not work. And there is usually little time to evaluate each candidate. When done right however, hiring the right talent for your team is…  ...  read more

How to Ask for a Raise with Confidence – 4 Tips to Increase Your Chances

This is a guest post by Charlie Fletcher with edits by Lei Han A couple years ago, I knew I needed to ask for a raise. Like many of my millennial peers, I had enough to get by, but I couldn’t do much more beyond that. Having enough down payment to buy a house, maintaining…

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Working with an Incompetent Colleague – When and How to Escalate

I was agonizing about what to do for weeks. I have dealt with incompetent co-workers before. Most of the time, I can make up for their incompetence fairly easily or at least work around it and not be affected. Not this time. This time, this colleague is a key partner to my work. If she…

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Are You Listening to Those Whose Communication Style are Different from Yours?

I realized I am probably not listening well to those whose communication style are opposite that of mine!  My 10 year old daughter, Isabel, made me realized this lately.   I am a pretty fast talker who will inadvertently interrupt others when I get excited about a subject. Isabel, on the other hand, is the…  ...  read more

Aim Low and Get Somewhere – Aiming to Write the Crappiest Article Ever Written :-)

This video clip motivated me to write and finish this article.   It is from a Netflix movie I just watched called “Set it up.”  While the movie is so-so, this 1 min clip is funny, practical, and inspiring.  It helped me get over the writer’s block I have had for a month.  More importantly,…  ...  read more