Working with an Incompetent Colleague – When and How to Escalate

I was agonizing about what to do for weeks. I have dealt with incompetent co-workers before. Most of the time, I can make up for their incompetence fairly easily or at least work around it and not be affected. Not this time. This time, this colleague is a key partner to my work. If she…

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Dare to be Happy – You Can Change Your Career at Any Age

85% of workers worldwide admit to hating their jobs when surveyed anonymously, according to a Gallup poll released in late 2017.  Yet, many of us tend to stay in our jobs and careers, thinking it’s too late to make a change.  I am here to tell you – it’s never too late!  Dare to be…


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How to Be Grateful – Remember Your Current Situation is Someone’s Dream

My friend shared this quote with me over lunch today.  I love its simplicity.  “Your current situation is someone’s dream!”  What a great reminder to be grateful. I don’t know about you.  I think it’s almost a national pass time to focus on looking up and comparing ourselves to someone who has a bigger house, …  ...  read more

How to Become an Extraordinary Leader – 3 Unexpected Lessons

When I was nominated for a leadership training at work, I was honored but skeptical I would learn anything substantial.   I am glad however to be proven wrong.  In the last five months, I have learned more about my leadership style and leadership brand than I had ever expected.   Even better, I am already applying…  ...  read more

My Biggest Lessons Learned this Year

Happy Holidays!   Thank you for your interest and support of this blog.   I appreciate every email, comments, questions I got this year.  Whether it’s a thankful email or constructive criticism, I value them all.  Thank you for taking the time to engage with this site and with me. I hope you are taking some time to…  ...  read more

Dealing with Difficult Coworkers – 3 Tips

We all come across difficult coworkers.   How we deal with them can fundamentally affect our career and happiness.  Below is a real life situation from an avid reader around dealing with difficult co-workers.   I am thankful she reached out so I can not only help her but also shared this situation and my advice with any of you in…  ...  read more

“Life is Always Just Beginning”

I went to a seminar last month and heard this saying “Life is Always just Beginning” from a 82 year-old lecturer, Bill McKeown.   I have been thinking about these 5 little words ever since.  It has helped me re-frame my perspective on life and my inner dialogue. Do you ever notice how much we…  ...  read more