Aim Low and Get Somewhere – Aiming to Write the Crappiest Article Ever Written :-)

This video clip motivated me to write and finish this article.   It is from a Netflix movie I just watched called “Set it up.”  While the movie is so-so, this 1 min clip is funny, practical, and inspiring.  It helped me get over the writer’s block I have had for a month.  More importantly,…  ...  read more

Are You Happy? A New Path to Happiness

Last weekend, my hubby suddenly asked me “Are you happy?”  I didn’t know what to say, even after thinking about it. I asked him, “What do you mean? Are you talking about work?  Life?  Us?” He said, “No, just in general.” I asked, “Are you happy?”, still not knowing what to say. He said, “Yes.” Not…  ...  read more

In a Tough Situation? 3 Pop Songs to Inspire You

Do you ever notice that kids can learn pop songs overnight?   Luckily my kids are gravitating toward the inspirational ones rather than the racy ones.  They have been singing 3 songs on the top of their lungs for the last few months.  Coincidentally, these 3 songs are exactly what I needed to hear. Work has been…  ...  read more

How to Deal with Stereotypes at Work – 4 Tips

A friend shared this Youtube video with me and I literally cried.  It talks about one stereotype that we all know about and how it affects us.  It’s amazing how stereotypes are so common in our society. Sometimes people use it intentionally in their communication to put down other people out of insecurity and other…  ...  read more

Career Break – How Long Can You Take?

Can you take a career break – time off from work to do other things like travel or be a full time mom?  If so, how long can you safely take a career break if you want to come back to work afterwards.  These are popular questions among new mothers with young children as well as from anyone who…  ...  read more